1 Part Q-ACTV™ PA2024™ Wash Primer Activator

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1 Part Q-ACTV™ PA2024™ Wash Primer Activator (1G)




1. Safety: Use only NIOSH-approved respirators and personal protection equipment recommended for the product used. Always review the MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets before use.

2. Recommended Surfaces: Properly cleaned and prepared aluminum or steel. Aluminum: Sand with 180 – 220 grit. Steel: Sand with 180 – 220 grit.

3. Surface Cleaning: Clean with Q-SOLV™ Approved Cleaners / Degreasers and sand using power tools to produce a clean bare metal surface and to retain or produce a surface profile. Once cleaned, the surface will be free of all oil, grease, dirt, dust, mill scale, rust, paint, oxide, corrosion products, and any other foreign matter. Re-clean with Q-SOLV™ Approved Cleaners / Degreasers.

Apply Q-PRIM™ MP2054™ Wash Primer after the substrate has completely dried or flash rusting may occur. Steel flash rusting occurs quickly with ambient relative humidity if not quickly protected.


Q-PRIM™ MP2054™ Wash Primer is a two-component primer that can be sprayed through conventional or HVLP-high volume low pressure or RP-reduced pressure spray equipment.

Mixing Ratio:

1 Part Q-PRIM™ MP2054™ Wash Primer

1 Part Q-ACTV™ PA2024™ Wash Primer Activator

Mix thoroughly and strain-activated material prior to use.

Clean up: The only clean-up solvent recommended for this product is: Q-SOLV™ CD4418™ Spray Gun Cleaner

Important Notes: Apply .3 to .5 mils dry film thickness DFT. Excessive film build will cause premature failure. Pot life – 6 to 8 hours.

Topcoat within 24 hours.

Do not apply if the temperature is below 55°F or above 110°F or if the surface temperature is within 5°F of the dew point or if humidity exceeds 85%. For the highest, DOI (degree of image) apply a primer surfacer before top coating.

Can be top coated with many types of paint systems.

Always test before the application or production run. Do not apply when the ambient temperature is below 55°F.


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