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Indasa Autogloss High-Gloss Plus, 250g (579077) is an exceptional polishing product designed to deliver outstanding results. With its fine-cut action, it effectively removes fine sanding scratches and rejuvenates aged paintwork, leaving a smooth and flawless surface. The material's extended working time allows for easier cleanup, while its high gloss level enhances the appearance of all colors, especially dark ones.

As a VOC-compliant formulation, this product is environmentally friendly and meets regulations for a safer and more sustainable solution. With no fillers, it ensures there is no shrink-back, preserving the integrity of the polished surface. The dry-use application minimizes dusting or splatter, creating a cleaner and more efficient polishing experience.

The Autogloss High-Gloss Plus also excels at color restoration, reviving the vibrancy and depth of the paint for a professional showroom finish. It is suitable for use on all paint surfaces, regardless of age or condition, and its silicone-free formulation makes it safe for use in body shops.

Experience the exceptional performance of the Indasa Autogloss High-Gloss Plus, available exclusively through, the premium worldwide distributor of Indasa products. Achieve remarkable polishing results while prioritizing environmental compliance and user safety. Elevate your polishing game and achieve a flawless, high-gloss finish with the Indasa Autogloss High-Gloss Plus.

Features Benefits
Fine cut action Removes fine sanding scratches and revitalizes aged paintwork, restoring a smooth and flawless appearance
The material does not dry out Provides a longer working time, allowing for easier cleanup and ensuring consistent performance throughout the polishing process
High Gloss Level Creates an impressive high-gloss finish on all colors, particularly enhancing the beauty of dark-colored vehicles
VOC Compliant Environmentally friendly and compliant with VOC regulations, ensuring a safer and more sustainable product
No fillers Eliminates the risk of shrink-back and maintains the integrity of the polished surface
Dry use Cleaner application process without dusting or splatter, resulting in a more efficient and mess-free polishing experience
Color restoration Restores the color vibrancy and depth, providing a professional showroom finish
Multi-substrate Suitable for all paint surfaces, including old, new, and freshly painted ones
Silicone-free formulation Safe for use in body shops, preventing adverse reactions or unwanted effects from silicone contamination

*Indasa Abrasives, a trusted provider of quality products, offers comprehensive product information on their official website, All the content and product details provided are sourced directly from their website. For those seeking to purchase Indasa products, www.United Finishing Supply is recognized as the largest premium supplier worldwide, ensuring reliable access to their extensive range of offerings.

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