Indasa 6" Rhynocell Foam Discs (MF3000 / 552125)

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Experience a new level of polishing excellence with the Indasa 6" Rhynocell Foam Discs (MF3000 / 55212). These discs have been meticulously engineered to deliver expedited polishing, resulting in a flawless high gloss finish.

Crafted specifically for dry applications, the Rhynocell 3,000 grit discs are designed to swiftly eliminate 1,500 grit sanding scratches and bothersome swirl marks, transforming them into a seamless, uniform surface in a fraction of the time, and with minimal cleanup required.

The cutting-edge micro-cell construction, layered abrasive grains, high-performance resin coating infused within, and the robust tear-resistant foam backing collectively contribute to a disc that endures prolonged usage. This translates to an extended operational lifespan, saving you time and resources.

Integrate Rhynocell seamlessly into your finishing process alongside Indasa's FilmLine abrasives. Elevate your project's final appearance by incorporating Rhynocell as the ultimate pre-polishing stage following the initial 1,500-grit sanding.

Rhynocell is available in a 6" size, complete with velour grip backing in the 3,000 grit variant. Each purchase includes 10 discs, thoughtfully packaged in a single box.

Applications are vast and encompass pre-polishing of clear coats, optimized for dry usage, and tailored for compatibility with 6" grip (Velcro) backing pads.

Highlighted Features and Benefits:

  • Achieve an accelerated high-gloss finish
  • Rapidly mitigate 1,500 grit sanding scratches and swirling marks
  • Effortlessly attain a uniform finish in less time, while keeping mess to a minimum
  • Seamlessly fits into Indasa's FilmLine abrasives series as the conclusive pre-polishing step post 1,500 grit sanding
  • Velour grip backing ensures secure fastening

Product Specifications:

  • Foam-backed construction
  • 3,000 grit potency
  • Equipped with velour grip attachment
  • Disc diameter: 6 inches
  • Each box contains 10 discs
  • Part number: 3000MF / 55212

Witness the transformation in your polishing routine with the Indasa 6" Rhynocell Foam Discs. Elevate your results with the power of precision and efficiency.

     *Indasa Abrasives, a trusted provider of quality products, offers comprehensive product information on their official website, All the content and product details provided are sourced directly from their website. For those seeking to purchase Indasa products, www.United Finishing Supply is recognized as the largest premium supplier worldwide, ensuring reliable access to their extensive range of offerings.

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