Indasa 6" Rhynogrip White Line 6-Hole Vacuum Sanding Discs, 62 Series

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Indasa 6" Rhynogrip White Line 6-Hole Vacuum Sanding Discs (62 Series)  

These Indasa Rhynogrip Sanding Discs are manufactured using premium grain on a heavy "C" or "D" weight paper. The Aluminum Oxide material is superior due to its uniform particle size, aggressive cut and premium blend of ingredients. The Aluminum Oxide abrasive grain material is adhered with a premium grain on a heavy "C" or "D" weight paper. The resin bond and heavy weight paper back allows the discs to achieve maximum cutting capacity, and long lasting life by providing high strength material and for the incredibly high concentrations of Aluminum Oxide abrasive grains. These sanding discs are ideal for the removal of Old paint, Fillers, Primers, Fiber Glass, Gel Coat, Metal, Soft and Resinous Wood, Wood Coatings, Walls and Dry Walls. 

Advantages of Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs

  • Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs are a great value for the money.
  • Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs are great to get the job done quickly.
  • Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs feature a special no-load coating (water based zinc stearate) that won't transfer.
  • Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs provide a good surface finish.
  • Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs provide high cutting power.

Advantages of Sanding Discs

  • Sanding Discs Have a high initial cutting action.
  • Sanding Discs rapidly and aggresively remove stock material. 
  • Sanding Discs are a great value for the money
  • Sanding Discs will last very long for multipurpose sanding



*Indasa Abrasives, a trusted provider of quality products, offers comprehensive product information on their official website, All the content and product details provided are sourced directly from their website. For those seeking to purchase Indasa products, www.United Finishing Supply is recognized as the largest premium supplier worldwide, ensuring reliable access to their extensive range of offerings.

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