Indasa Aperture Foam Masking TAPE, 1/2" Width, 320587

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Indasa 0.5" Wide Aperture Foam Masking Tape (320587) 

Quick and efficient solution to seal openings. Cylindrical profile eliminates paint build up and a hard edge. Convenient storage - comes in a roll box dispenser

Flexible foam

Ensures fast masking of vehicle apertures

Features :

  • Solvent resistant - Paint will not bleed
  • Flexible - Easy to shape on contours
  • Easy/clean removal - Leaves no residue
  • Easy roll release - Easy to apply
  • 80° temp rating - Low bake refinishing
  • Cylindrical profile - Eliminates hard edge & paint build up

Application :

  • Automotive masking 

Suited For :

  • Automotive Refinishing
  • Composite Industries


*Indasa Abrasives, a trusted provider of quality products, offers comprehensive product information on their official website, All the content and product details provided are sourced directly from their website. For those seeking to purchase Indasa products, www.United Finishing Supply is recognized as the largest premium supplier worldwide, ensuring reliable access to their extensive range of offerings.

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