Indasa Cover Rolls Pre-Taped Masking Film Collection

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Size: 14" x 27 yards
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Indasa Cover Rolls: 

Indasa Cover Roll is a product line of adhesive tapes that are commonly used in various industries for masking and protecting surfaces during painting, sanding, and other surface preparation processes. The cover roll comes in different sizes and colors to suit different applications.

The Indasa Cover Roll is made of high-quality materials that allow for easy application and removal without causing any damage to underlying surfaces. It can be easily cut to size and conforms to any shape or curve of the surface being protected. In automotive refinishing, the Indasa Cover Roll is widely used to mask off areas that should not be painted, such as windows, trim pieces, and door handles. In construction, it is often used to protect floors, walls, and other surfaces from damage caused by construction or renovation work. Overall, the Indasa Cover Roll is a reliable and effective solution for protecting surfaces during a wide range of industrial and household applications.


Technical Information Value
Tape Adhesive Natural Rubber
Tape Elongation 9%
Tape Color Green
Tape Max Temp 176ºF (80ºC)
Film Material Polyethylene
Film Color Blue
Film Max Temp 194ºF (90ºC)
Film Thickness 0.14mm
Film Density 0.948 g/cm³

Size Dimensions Product Codes
14" x 27 yards 350mm x 25M 449585/460559
24" x 27 yards 600mm x 25M 449592/460566
47" x 27 yards 1200mm x 25M 462980/462973
71" x 27 yards 1800mm x 25M 449608/460573

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