Indasa Fine Line Blue Tape, 12mm (15/32"), 570999

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Indasa Fine Line Blue Tape, 12mm (15/32") (570999) is a high-performance PVC-backed tape that features flexibility, extremely low profile, easy clean removal, 269°F (132°C) temp rating, and excellent conformability for curves and contours to produce extremely sharp paint lines.


Excellent choice for masking off-color line separations. High tack but leaves no adhesive residue. High-temperature resistance for low-bake refinishing.

Should not be used outdoors for extended periods as exposure to sunlight may make tape difficult to remove.

Features and Benefits:

    • Extremely flat PVC backed low profile

    • Flexible for excellent conformability to make curves and contours

    • Easy clean removal

  • 269°F (132°C) temp rating

Compare To:

  • 3M 471+ Fine Line Masking Tape

Product Specification:

    • Color: Blue, matte

    • Packaging: 1 roll

    • Sizes:

        • 3mm (1/8") x 55m, #570968

        • 6mm (1/4") x 55m, #570975

        • 9mm (11/32") x 55m, #570982

        • 12mm (15/32") x 55m, #570999

      • 19mm (3/4") x 55m, #571002

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