Indasa Rhyno Sponge Double Sided Hand Sanding Pads, Fine

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Indasa Rhyno Sponge Yellow Fine Grit Double Sided Hand Sanding Pads, Case of 100 (595107) produce a conformable surface for sanding edges and curved surfaces for a variety of applications including gel coat, composite materials, filler, paint, primers and varnish.

Color coded for easy identification of grit range. Yellow color and fine grit sands in a grit range of 220 to 400 grit.

Use wet or dry. Pressure equalizing foam helps avoid risk of over sanding and produces an even sanding finish on contours and edges. Features optimized aluminum oxide grain distribution with flexible resin for low clogging, minimal grit shedding and long working life and multiple usage.

Size of each pad is 5" x 4" x 0.5" (120mm x 98mm x 13mm) is perfect for hand sanding. Two sides can be used offering outstanding value for the money.

Rhynospoge pads are available in grits including Medium 120-220 grit (Orange), Fine 220-400 grit (Yellow), Super Fine 400-600 grit (Green), Ultra Fine 600-1,000 grit (Blue) and Micro Fine 1,000-1,500 grit (Beige).

Features and Benefits:

    • Color coded for easy identification of grit range

    • Coated on two sides, ideal for creating uniform surfaces and profiles

    • Pressure equalizing foam provides a uniform surface finish and prevents over sanding

    • Manufactured from quality foam giving a total flexible pad

    • Low clogging and grit shedding for long lifespan and multiple usage


Product Specifications:

    • Grit Range: Fine, range of 220 to 400 grit

    • Color: Yellow

    • Size: 5" x 4" x 0.5" (120mm x 98mm x 13mm)

    • Abrasive Type: Two sided abrasive pad

    • Abrasive Grain: Aluminum oxide

    • Uses: Wet and dry

    • Quantity: 100 pads per box

  • Part #: 595107

Substrate Suggestions:

    • Primers

    • Fillers

    • Clear coats

    • Top coats

    • Composite materials

    • Gel coat

  • Varnish

Application Suggestions:

    • Sanding preparation

    • Sanding for blending

    • Scuffing / key paint work

    • Micro-finishing / rectifying

    • Dust and paint removal

    • Fine sanding

  • Paint removal

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