Indasa Vacuum Hose Conical Adapter, 29mm Thread (538197)

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Indasa Vacuum Hose Conical Adapter, 29mm Thread (538197) is a rubber fitting that works to connect Indasa sanders to vacuum hoses and other hoses of same size as well as the Indasa Vacuum Gage Adapter.

The threaded end is designed to thread into the sanding tool dust port, the conical end into the vacuum hose or Indasa Vacuum Hose Regulator (567661) if desired.

Works with Indasa electric (E-Series) and pneumatic air (A-Series) vacuum sanders with dust port.

Features and Benefits:

    • Patented  rubber fitting connector attachment with 29mm thread connects to Indasa vacuum hoses or Indasa Vacuum Hose Regulator (567661)
    • Works with Indasa electric (E-Series) and pneumatic air (A-Series) vacuum sanders with dust port.

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