Indasa Whiteline Rhynostick 5" 5-Hole Vacuum Sanding Discs (PSA Disc), 51 Series

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The Indasa 5" 5-Hole Whiteline Rhynostick Vacuum PSA Sanding Discs (51 Series) are meticulously crafted with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sticky backing, precisely tailored for seamless compatibility with smooth vinyl face backup pads. These discs epitomize production-grade abrasives, expertly engineered to deliver a harmonious blend of enhanced productivity, superior finish quality, and exceptional cost-effectiveness.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional applications, the WhiteLine discs embody unparalleled performance. They excel in sanding and finishing tasks, effortlessly tackling fillers, stoppers, composite materials, soft woods, wood coatings, walls, and drywall with remarkable efficiency.

Distinguished by their aluminum oxide grain composition and specialized stearate no-transfer coating, these discs exhibit remarkable resistance to pilling and demonstrate unwavering performance. They boast an extraordinary initial cutting power, ensuring swift material removal, while simultaneously bestowing a flawlessly smooth surface finish.

Crafted exclusively for utilization with 5" self-adhesive sticky backing pads and hand blocks, these discs epitomize convenience and reliability during sanding operations. Each box presents a generous offering of 50 discs for grits 40 and 60, while grits 80 to 600 are thoughtfully packaged with 100 discs, ensuring an ample supply to meet professional demands.


Application Suggestions:

  • Dry sanding
  • Sanding and finishing fillers, stoppers, composite materials, wooden surfaces, wood coatings, walls, and drywall
  • Scuffing and rectifying clear coats
  • Designed for use with self-adhesive sticky backing pads and hand blocks

Features and Benefits:

  • Offers high cutting power and very high stock removal
  • Features an anti-clogging lubricant layer
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications and materials
  • Provides high performance and delivers a good surface finish

Product Specification:

  • Manufactured with D/C weight paper and velour backing
  • Lubricant coating (applies to grits 150P to 600P)
  • Contains aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Utilizes modified synthetic resin bonding
  • Available in Easy Release Tabs style
  • Available in 5" 5-hole configurations
  • Sold in boxes of 50 discs for grits 40 and 60, and 100 discs for grits 80 to 600


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