Q-COLR CC3010™ Quin Magenta Colorant HGL

Volume: 2 Qts
Sale price$377.50


Q-COLR™ concentrated colorants are specially formulated to provide extremely durable, “fast hiding” bright colors for sign manufacturers and related re-imaging industries. Specially formulated with the highest quality, environmentally friendly pigments to provide an increased concentration level of color. The results are reduced inventory stocking requirements for the user and reduced labor steps during application. Q-COLR™ concentrated colorants have been formulated to be universally mixed with many of our paint systems providing a complete “family of solutions” for a paint department without the added expense of stocking multiple paint lines. The following paint types are available with Q-COLR™.

** Only Available for Local Pickup or Local Delivery Only





** Only Available for Local Pickup or Local Delivery Only

QHF Environmentally Friendly Product. Q-COAT UCTM Urethane Coatings for metal substrates. A high performance, 2-component urethane coating providing superior color, gloss retention, durability and ease of use. Q-COAT TCTM Transparent Coatings for plastic substrates. A specialized air-dry transparent acrylic coating providing smooth, clean, and bright non-mottling colors for backlit signage.  Q-COAT DCTM Display Coatings for plastics, metals or foam type substrates. A single component, fast air-dry coating specially formulated for application on a variety of substrates. Q-COAT ACTM Air Dry Coatings for “in field” touch ups and repaints. A single component, fast, air-dry coating, excellent for “in field” application. Apply by spray for best results, may be brushed or rolled with some sacrifice in appearance. Q-COAT BCTM Basecoat - Clearcoat Paint System. Fast Dry times allow multiple colors to be applied quickly and then clear coated. Q-COLR™ concentrated colorants consist of only 18 solid colorants and 4 metallic colorants yet provides a complete range of color options in any gloss level desired. How does the Q-COLR™ system work? The Q-COLR™ system utilizes one set of highly concentrated colorants and a variety of Q-BASETM Binders options to choose from.

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