Q-CROM TC0014™ Deep Glamour Chrome GL

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Q-CROM™ products allow the spray application of chrome-like appearance coatings on first surface opaque applications. When compared to conventional vacuum metalized procedures, these products are much more affordable and provide long color durability and chrome-like appearances.


  • Paint material, spray painting environment and substrate to be painted must be pre-warmed (70-85°F and below 50% relative humidity), and after painting maintain this temperature range until fully cured.
  • Q-CROM™ TC0014™ is a one-component product and ready to spray.
  • Do not shake any Q-CROM™ product, Stir Only with a mixing stick before spray application.
  • Apply as many coats as required to obtain the required color and effect. Allow flash times between coats allowing a full flash off of solvent before the next coat. Ambient temperature is recommended at 70-85°F and below 50% relative humidity. Application at high humidity levels can result in blushing.
  • Allow Q-CROM™ to dry a minimum of 60 minutes before applying sealer.
  • Q-CROM™ TC0014™ must be sealed with Q-CROM™ TC0003™ Dry time is 30-45 minutes.
  • After the sealer is applied and allowed to dry a translucent clear coat tinted with small amounts of any color can be applied to shift the chrome color to red, yellow, blue, green, etc.
  • Allow drying a minimum of 24 hours at 75°F before packaging.
  • Always utilize a control panel to assure color and effect requirements are met.
  • Applying too much material per coat or not allowing complete flash-off time between each coat will result in a trapped solvent which will “cloud” or “white haze” the finish.
  • Application with a spray gun that does not atomize the paint material correctly will result in a spotted finish.


  • Use only approved respirators and personal protection equipment recommended for the product used.
  • Always review the MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets before use
  • SUITABLE SURFACES: Polycarbonate, Impact Modified Acrylic, Acrylic, painted metal surfaces:
  • For plastics, clean surface thoroughly with Q-SOLV™ Plastic Cleaners removes surface contaminants and static electricity. Use only a clean Chamois or non-lint cloth. For painted metal surfaces, a fully cured urethane high gloss coating is recommended. Clean to remove any finger prints or surface debris.


  • Mini Jet Gravity Feed: 0.6 mm - 0.8 mm
  • Full-size Gravity Feed: 1.0 mm – 1.2 mm
  • Professional Quality spray equipment only (Sata or equivalent).
  • Air pressure setting of 15 to 25 lbs at the spray gun.
  • Fluid delivery setting: Begin with the fluid knob at a closed position, and slowly open the fluid knob until a very fine mist appears. A typical number of coats is 8 to 12 with a complete flash-off time between each coat but is dependent on the effect being achieved.

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