Japan Colors are finely ground, lead free, flat, quick-drying, semi-paste colors. This traditional product has a wide range of graphic and professional artist uses. An ideal replacement for Poster Paints to be used for paper signs and reverse glass work. Used by furniture and cabinet refinishers for a variety of decorative applications. Used extensively by specialty painters and scenic artists for aging, faux finishes, marbleizing and glazing. Also used to make stains or glazes for wet-in-wet techniques to create artistic effects, including but not limited to, dirt, age, smoke damage and simulated marble and wood grain. They are ideal toners for flat paints. Also used for lettering, striping and stenciling. If using on exterior surfaces consult Ronan’s technical department for recommendations on protective overcoats. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 29 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 29 products
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Ronan J4026 Rose Pink
UnitedFinish Ronan J4026 Rose Pink
Sale price$94.36 Regular price$112.50
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Ronan J818 Signcraft Red
UnitedFinish Ronan J818 Signcraft Red
Sale price$84.52 Regular price$99.65
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Ronan J692 Permanent Striping White
Save $21.98
Ronan J536 Emerald Green
UnitedFinish Ronan J536 Emerald Green
Sale price$91.52 Regular price$113.50
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Save $10.98
Ronan J491 Bulletin Red
UnitedFinish Ronan J491 Bulletin Red
Sale price$84.52 Regular price$95.50
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Save $29.34
Ronan J441 Venetian Red
UnitedFinish Ronan J441 Venetian Red
Sale price$66.16 Regular price$95.50
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Save $10.08
Ronan J434 Liberty Red
UnitedFinish Ronan J434 Liberty Red
Sale price$84.52 Regular price$94.60
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Save $16.98
Ronan J421 American Vermilion
UnitedFinish Ronan J421 American Vermilion
Sale price$84.52 Regular price$101.50
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Save $28.50
Ronan J388 CP Green Dark
UnitedFinish Ronan J388 CP Green Dark
Sale price$88.00 Regular price$116.50
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Save $20.54
Ronan J3836 Permanent Blue
UnitedFinish Ronan J3836 Permanent Blue
Sale price$79.06 Regular price$99.60
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Save $24.36
Ronan J3787 Flake White
UnitedFinish Ronan J3787 Flake White
Sale price$75.14 Regular price$99.50
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Save $22.06
Ronan J3754 Poster Red
UnitedFinish Ronan J3754 Poster Red
Sale price$84.52 Regular price$106.58
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Save $9.95
Ronan J363 Van Dyke Brown
UnitedFinish Ronan J363 Van Dyke Brown
Sale price$68.55 Regular price$78.50
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Save $29.23
Ronan J3615 Solid Covering Lampblack
Save $12.34
Ronan J359 Raw Umber
UnitedFinish Ronan J359 Raw Umber
Sale price$66.16 Regular price$78.50
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Save $12.00
Ronan J358 Raw Sienna
UnitedFinish Ronan J358 Raw Sienna
Sale price$66.16 Regular price$78.16
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Save $19.34
Ronan J355 Burnt Umber
UnitedFinish Ronan J355 Burnt Umber
Sale price$66.16 Regular price$85.50
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Save $12.36
Ronan J354 Burnt Sienna
UnitedFinish Ronan J354 Burnt Sienna
Sale price$66.16 Regular price$78.52
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Save $10.68
Ronan J353 Ultramarine Blue
UnitedFinish Ronan J353 Ultramarine Blue
Sale price$99.57 Regular price$110.25
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Save $17.92
Ronan J350 Prussian Blue
UnitedFinish Ronan J350 Prussian Blue
Sale price$80.58 Regular price$98.50
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Save $13.50
Ronan J340 Cobalt Blue
UnitedFinish Ronan J340 Cobalt Blue
Sale price$99.75 Regular price$113.25
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Save $13.65
Ronan J328 French Yellow Ochre
UnitedFinish Ronan J328 French Yellow Ochre
Sale price$66.15 Regular price$79.80
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Save $14.60
Ronan J322 Chrome Yellow Orange
UnitedFinish Ronan J322 Chrome Yellow Orange
Sale price$104.65 Regular price$119.25
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Save $16.65
Ronan J321 Chrome Yellow Medium
UnitedFinish Ronan J321 Chrome Yellow Medium
Sale price$104.65 Regular price$121.30
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